PROfertil® – a special medical food

PROfertil® is not another “food supplement”, but is classed as “dietary food for special medical purposes”; the word “diet” refers to providing the body with essential nutrients and not to weight-loss diets.

The legal definition is as follows: “Dietary foods are foods that are different from food for normal consumption and that, owing to their special composition or manufacturing, are intended to meet the particular nutritional requirements of specific groups of the population”. This means, dietary foods are for persons that have special nutritional requirements due to disease, medical conditions or other complaints, whereas the purpose of dietary (or food) supplements is to supplement the normal diet.
With the indication “male infertility”, scientists have discovered that men suffering from infertility in particular have special nutritional needs and/or have a specific micronutrient deficiency. To compensate for this deficiency, high-dose micronutrients, such as those in PROfertil®, should be given under medical supervision.

Table: dietary food

Differences to dietary supplements:

  • The formulation of dietary foods is to be based on sound medical and nutritional principles and demonstrated by generally accepted scientific data and publications.
  • Dietary foods are used as supplementary treatment of a disease, medical conditions or other complaints. They are not, however, used for prevention – hence higher doses than with food supplements, as they are used to compensate a deficiency.
  • Dietary foods are administered to patients under medical supervision.

Differences to medicinal products:

  • No active pharmacological ingredient
  • Available without prescription from your doctor or pharmacist