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Profertil® Success Story: What to do in case of late fatherhood?

«First there was the Ultrasound, and the rest happened ultra fast. Thank you PROFERTIL®!»


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2 x daily during 3 months and the findings have already shown a good improvement. Not for nothing all doctors recommend it.


«I recommend PROFERTIL® to my customers»

My sister / brother-in-law have been trying to get pregnant for years and have been with a fertility clinic for a long time. I can now give you feedback. The quality of the sperm has increased from 4% to 10%, my sister is now 7 weeks pregnant and we hope for a positive outcome.

I will recommend PROFERTIL® to my customers with a very clear conscience. Many love greetings

A pharmacist

«Desire for Children Fulfilled»

The capsules are great. We had already tried for children for a while (about 2 years). After I had taken about 3/4 of a pack, my wife was pregnant. It’s easy to take in the morning after breakfast – no side effects – and our little one is now 4 weeks old. I can definitely recommend it. Great!



These capsules are really very good. After a long illness, I wanted to have children. Somehow, it didn’t work out, even though my partner and I were both healthy. But after taking Profertil regularly, we finally became parents.


«Pregnant, Thanks to PROFERTIL®

For men, there is little that can be done if the spermiogram is bad. That was the case with us, and that’s why I ordered Profertil. My husband had OAT2, a spermiogram that was bad across all parameters, and we had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. Immediately after the bad spermiogram, I bought Profertil. After 8 weeks, there was already a clear improvement in sperm count, sperm motility and sperm shape. And only 2 weeks after that, the miracle: Pregnancy!


«It worked for my husband.»

Hello Bianca,
My husband had a sperm count increase from approximately 8 million to just over 20 million sperm per ml. We attribute it to Profertil, which he took per the doctor’s recommendation after his devastating diagnosis. What convinced us, in advance: the studies. They sounded valid to us. It is rare for studies to prove the „effects“ of dietary supplements. In addition [to taking Profertil], we do not go to the sauna, nor put ourselves under pressure, and since I can sometimes be a bit meticulous, we even made our bed mite-free with dust mite spray. I wish you success!


«Experience With PROFERTIL®»

Hello everybody, I just came across this forum. My husband and I had been trying to have children for 4 years, without success. At first, we thought it was due to external stress factors in our lives since we both travel a lot for work, but when my husband went to his Doctor for a Spermiogram, we encountered tough news. He was diagnosed with Oligo-asthenoteratozoospermia (OAT) with a low sperm count of 9 million. I just felt like crying. It was devastatingly negative. Our fertility doctor then recommended Profertil to us before even trying IVF treatment because he had very good experiences with his patients using the product in his fertility clinic. At first, we were skeptical, but what did we have to lose in our situation? Nothing. After 8 weeks of taking Profertil, my husband went back to the Doctor for a new Spermiogram and this time, had a new sperm count of 27 million. This gave us hope. Now, 3 months later, it finally worked. We are overjoyed! The semen analysis has improved significantly and we are now finally becoming parents! I can ONLY recommend Profertil. Wishing you all much success and strength. Tonya.



It definitely helped us! After 2 negative ICSI’s, we tried Profertil for 3 months. And really – I just got pregnant without any medical help! The doctor could hardly believe it, and even thought someone else was involved! 🙁 How ridiculous! Good luck!!


«After Failed Fertility Treatments, Natural Conception With Profertil»

Dear Fine,
I can only tell you that we were in fertility treatment forever. I finally decided I only wanted to try to conceive naturally or not at all. I gave my hubby Profertil, and during our 3rd cycle (of trying naturally with Clearblue monitor and Profertil), I was pregnant. My husband is not the kind of person who enjoys eating healthily, and in cases such as his, Profertil can really be well-recommended. There are lots of great nutrients in it to help the swimmers get fit again. Best Regards and Good Luck, Peggy


«Very good product»

My spermiogram was quite bad and my urologist recommended the PROfertil capsules to me. After about 6 months, I had a new spermiogram done and ALL values have improved significantly. Above all, the vitality of the sperm has improved from 37% to 65% !!! i can really recommend the product. Full 5 stars from me *****


«Boosted my sperm count»

Can’t tell you how many tests and results I had reinforcing my low sperm count and making me feel like a dud! In the end, we sought outside help from a [fertility] clinic and they recommended taking this as a supplement. Now we changed lots of things, boxers to keep the nads cool, no laptop on lap, etc. but realistically the facts do speak for themselves. My sperm count did rise when I took these and it was a great boost…. Obviously dietary changes benefited my improved sperm count and probably saved the NHS approx 15K pounds (average cost of IVF…) but surely something as simple and effective as this as a first-line option…would be better than the high tech option of IVF etc. … I would recommend this product. It did what it would say and we have a healthy baby boy and I feel a more natural approach has to be right in the end…”


«Low sperm count»

Was told that my sperm count was low but my semen was ok so we decided to try natural options to improve fertility levels. Six months later and with no medical intervention I was retested and my sperm count was noticeably improved. One month later, my wife was pregnant…we are both thankful for the improvements made by this supplement.


«The best thing is: we are expecting a child»

I am a doctor but NOT sponsored by any company … and my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for a full 2 years. As I wrote in December, my semen analysis was initially suboptimal and it has now normalized under the drug…
The best thing is: we are expecting a child. Currently 9th week of pregnancy.
I can only say Profertil is worth a try and always cheaper than sterility treatment.
Good luck!


«PROFERTIL® … a miracle cure :-))))»

Hello everybody
I have a son who is 8 1/2 months old. But it was created with the help of ART. Before that, we practiced for 2 1/2 years.
[My] spermiogram got worse and worse that the fertility specialist said we’d have a better chance winning the lottery than to become parents the natural way: – //
…In March I started feeding my darling with PROFERTIL. Simply with the hope that a few more useful swimmers can be found at the next ICSI and that the Reproductive Specialist won’t have any more reason to stress. And yesterday I took a pregnancy test … and it said ‘Pregnant’ :-))))) Today I went to the fertility specialist and he confirmed the pregnancy. He could hardly believe it and said again that he never expected us to get pregnant naturally!
…It’s really awesome, we won the lottery … WOW :-))))))))))))))))))))
GGLG Nadja


«Quite helpful»

…I have 4 spermiograms behind me. I started to take the [PROFERTIL] tablets… [the first spermiograms] were tested at about 8Mio \ ml, no fast sperm, and very few movable [sperm] … now I have now bought my second pack [of PROFERTIL] and the conclusion is .. 40 million / ml and 2% fast moving sperm… it is certain that it is worth trying the tablets! 

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Well.. I bought his product for myself, recommended by the doctor because my sperm quality was horrible (really, really bad). It was recommended to take it at least 3 months due to the [sperm] production cycle. For the rest, I had changed nothing (no special diet ) –just this. I started [taking PROFERTIL] in June…wife was pregnant in December. As a matter of fact, I heard from other people that they also had good results with Profertil… it was definitely worth it.

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