Who recommends PROfertil®?



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Feichtinger, IVF
Institut für Kinderwunsch, Wien

Wunschbaby, Institut Feichtinger

There have always been infertile patients. But the trend for older couples to want children as well as altered environmental conditions is exacerbating this problem. Even as late as the 1980s there was no way of helping when a man’s sperm quality was bad. Above all, the medical community focused
its search for the causes of infertility predominantly on women. Today we know that in approx. 50% of couples who suffer from infertility the man’s sperm
quality is not high enough for a fertilization. Before you use therapies such as artificial fertilization, you should try to solve the problem in as natural a way as possible.
The clinically tested PROfertil® has been shown to improve sperm quality. Therefore, the number of couples we can help today has become much larger.

Moreover, it could mean a reduction of medical expenses related with male infertility or even – in the best case – make a fertility treatement not necessary at all.